Upwind or downwind, which way you want to face depends on the fight in you. - Chongfucious

Combo #3

‎”Follow your Passion, Work will follow….Stalker, Stalkee, Stalked, a perfect combo”. - Chongfucious

Cul De Sac

When you are at the cross streets of Failure Blvd. and Success Avenue, there is a hidden cul de sac named Sit My Ass Out Alley. - Chongfucious

Fool Me Once

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, call me co-dependent - Chongfucious


Love is like buying jeans, you will keep the comfy ones longer, its the ones that give you CamelToe that you will dump first. - Chongfucious

Chase that Dream

Chase that dream. Then when you finally catch up to it ask why it was running so f**king fast. - Chongfucious


You have nothing to fear but Fear itself, and its one mean M**therF**ker that will eat your lunch, dress you up in polka dotted sweaters and call you out in a room full of people when your fly is down. - Chongfucious